Our History

I met Andrew back in 2011 during a finance college class. He was the guy that was always late (little known to me at the time, he was coming straight from work – oops!). We both sat in the back row on opposite sides of the class and would occasionally talk. Every now and then – or, really, every Tuesday after class – he would ask what I was up to over the over the weekend and invite me to his band gigs. This was usually followed by “No thanks, I have to work” but I also wasn’t 21 just yet so even if I went, I wouldn’t be let in, ha! I got to know him a little more through a group project and then seeing him here and there after turning 21. We developed a pretty good friendship and soon, he became my personal phone guy at Verizon.

Fast forward just a few years Andrew decided to ask me out one night and finally, I said yes. It wasn’t an exact hit it out of the park moment. When we got to the bar, he still had an open tab from the last time his band played a show and at the end of the night for whatever reason, I dissed his kiss. (Oops, again!)

Fast forwarding just few months after that, we met for lunch at Applebee’s and the next night we went out on another date to see Trapt in one of my favorite places, Dewey Beach. I do have to admit , I only knew one song off the top of my head but it was a great time nonetheless and a few weeks later, we became official.

We dated a few years, went on a few vacations, got a few dogs and even bought a house. But in May of 2018, my status of ‘Girlfriend’ would change to ‘Fiance’. Our engagement was supposed to begin May 4th – You know because ‘May the Fourth be with you’ but I ruined our plans because I didn’t have to work that night, ha.

Now, it was Friday, May 11th. As Andrew was getting ready for work, he asked me what time I would be home from my second job at the time. Being a bartender, you just never really know – So I was kind of annoyed, like…. Didn’t he know this by know? I never know exactly what time I’ll get off. On my way to my day job, I heard Bruno Mars ‘Marry You’ and had a tiny thought in my head but nothing serious because I was sure it was pure coincidence. I did end up getting off work early that night since it was slow. I called Andrew on my way home and he was surprised as well so he had to think of a stall plan – asking me to get food on the way home because he was STARVING *eye roll on my side* – We had plenty of food at home. So as a good girlfriend, I went to KFC/Taco Bell and of course it took what felt like 20 minutes or longer, I really just wanted to get home so I could relax and go to sleep!

I race home because now I am really annoyed, only to see all the lights off upstairs and candles through our walkout basement blinds. My first thought was ‘OMG he fell asleep with candles burning!?’. But once I got out of my car I heard Andrew McMahon ‘Cecilia and the Satellite’ playing and I melted before walking into the door. I walk into said candles burning, glow starts on the ceiling, flowers, glow balloons, happy puppies, a bottle of Cline Wine and a super handsome, dressed up Andrew.

[Also sending a shout out to our great friend, Shane, who helped set up our basement, got Andrew pumped up and sat on the side of the road to watch out for when I was about 30 seconds from home!]

I was honestly in shock, ecstatic, on the verge of crying – And obviously I said YES! As I looked more at my new ring, Andrew explained all of the detail. It was custom made to match one of my favorite rings I inherited from my grandmother, Emily. The rest of the detail was so beautiful and thoughtful, I still look at my ring in awe to this far, thank you for reading along about some of our history up to getting engaged! I can’t wait for many more years to come. You can expect some blog posts in the future as well!

While planning our wedding, I completely fell in love with all the aspects from coordinating with vendors, working our budget, picking out big and small details and setting up the day of. Once our big day had come and gone, and a few other people mentioned it, I decided to start my own business helping other couples in love on their special day. I can’t wait to get to know you and your boo and make your “I Do’s” that much easier!

“Winning that ticket, Rose, was the best thing that ever happened to me… it brought me to you.”

Jack Dawson

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